About us


Early in 2008 the RigHands founders identified a need for an online presence dedicated to the men and women that work in the oilfield.  In 2009, we rolled up our sleeves and planned the righands.com project.

The oilfield jobs section quickly became very popular with our audience.  As time has passed, we have setup relationships with some large oilfield companies, and we continue to establish new relationships as our reach / audience base gets stronger.

Our content staff is dedicated to social media, and our oil patch news section.  You may want to check out www.facebook.com/righands to see what our fans are up to lately.

Over the past few years, we have reached a huge portion of the oil patch.  Ask any roughneck or company man if they've heard of RigHands - Chances are, they have.

Our office address is

212 Coventry Green NE 

Calgary, Alberta, CANADA T3K 4M4

Business inquiries to +1-832-548-4509

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