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One of the most stable industries right now is the oil and gas business. Even though scientists warn of a coming shortage in natural oil and gas resources the job market is booming for position in the oil and gas industry. If you want to get started in a rewarding career in oil consider a number of entry level oil jobs that will provide you with valuable experience, chances for advancement and high paying wages. From roughneck and roustabout positions to leasehand and floorhand oil jobs the best way in is to start at the bottom and work your way up the oil rig ladder. As with most careers you need to start with an entry level position before moving your way up. The energy industry is no different. Working on a land based oil rig is not something you can learn quickly and most, if not all, oil companies will want to put you through the motions of working multiple jobs on a rig before giving you a shot at more high level oil jobs including toolpusher, rig manager and Derrickman positions. Entry level oil jobs are not easy. Roughneck, roustabout and leasehand jobs involve long hours, heavy lifting, cleaning, equipment repair and dirty field work in harsh environments. But if you put your time in and learn all you can about the daily operations of a land based oil rig you can expect to be promoted to more high paying oil jobs. If you don’t have a 4-year degree in science or engineering but have a high school diploma and experience working construction, mechanics or equipment repair you can apply for several oil job positions including roughneck, roustabout and floorhand jobs. Usually people who study in college for specific engineering and science degrees will be offered positions in consulting and technical analysis but when it comes to rig managing most upper level jobs are worked by employees who started out in entry-level oil jobs and worked their way up. Managing an oil rig takes years of experience in all aspects of the rig and oil companies like to know their rig is in the qualified hands of an employee who has worked multiple jobs on a rig so they know all there is about operating and maintaining a land based oil rig. Entry level oil jobs are usually easy to find in places where oil is booming including Africa, Alberta Canada and Texas so if you don’t mind travelling, working long hours including overtime and getting dirty while hauling equipment and materials and repairing equipment a job as an oil leasehand, roughneck or roustabout is a great way to get in to the oil industry. Even entry level oil jobs can have competitive wages that often range from $40,000 – $60,000 USD depending on your experience level and the oil company doing the hiring.
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