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When you work on a land based oil rig or oil patch you know how important it is to have working equipment so you can keep the black gold flowing. Even an hour of downtime on an oil rig can mean millions in lost revenue for the oil company you work for so it’s imperative that your equipment is ready to go at all times. Of course, there will be times when machinery malfunctions or needs to be repaired or replaced and in that case it’s crucial that you can find the oilfield equipment you need in a hurry. Forget flipping through yellow pages or looking through trade magazine ads that are often dated and may not even have the piece you are looking for. Get into the 21st century and use the GPS system at Rig Hands to find the nearest supplier of the equipment you need so you can get your rig pumping. From mud tanks to dog houses, Rig Hands has the oilfield equipment your rig or oil patch needs to keep workers busy and machinery operational. The proprietary GPS system is beneficial for the simple reason that once you enter your location you can then search for the nearest provider or supplier of oil field equipment, trucks, drill parts and machinery without having to wait days or even weeks for a delivery. Before oil rig workers would order equipment from thousands of miles away not knowing that the part they needed was just around the corner. Now, with the Rig Hands GPS you can locate that all important oil rig part nearby and have it on site in as little time as possible. Just like construction sites, oil rigs rely on parts, supplies and equipment to continue working. Should supplies run short or machinery breaks down there is very little time to debate what needs to be done. If you have a list of trusted suppliers you can count on that’s great but if they happen to be out of the exact part or piece of equipment you need then it’s time to use the latest in technology to find what you’re looking for. From Alberta to Texas the Rig Hands GPS system is designed to help oilfield workers everywhere get the equipment they need with as little downtime as possible.
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