Finding Oilfield Work in Alberta Back to Articles

If you plan on making a career out of the oil industry the first thing you will want to do is identify where the jobs are. Certain areas of the world are known for being rich in natural resources including oil patches, oil fields and known oil reserves. While this can include many countries in the Middle East and Africa as well as Russia, Venezuela and China there is a booming oil business in Canada presently, in particular Alberta, and if oilfield work is your preference you should consider finding rig hand jobs in this part of Canada. In addition to the well known oil sands region, Alberta is also a good place to look for work in oil patches which can include positions for oilfield drivers, leasehands, rig managers, Derrickhands and roughnecks. Depending on your experience level in the oil industry there are a number of ways to go about looking for openings that match your skills. Having connections on oil rigs never hurts but if you’re seeking an entry-level oilfield job such as a roughneck, leasehand or floorhand job using the job search feature on rig hand sites is a good way to start your search. The good news is oilfields and oil rigs are always in need of rugged men to handle the day-to-day operations of an oil rig. Entry level oilfield jobs don’t always pay well but it gets you a job on a rig and most oil rigs promote from within meaning your time on the low rung of the ladder can be short. The benefit to using a site job search board is that you can hone in on the jobs that are the right fit for your skill level and you can save time by not physically dropping off a resume at specific oil rigs that might not be hiring at all. Many rig hand job sites also give you the option of uploading your resume so oilfield recruiters can find you and contact you directly id they feel you have the qualifications they are looking for. With an online job search you can sort by job description, region, wage and the date the job was posted so you can be more focused in your search. Oil won’t flow forever so if you are serious about a career in the oil industry go where the jobs are. Right now Alberta is a hot spot for oil patch, oil rig and oil field work and even if you don’t have much experience you can still get your foot in the door with an entry-level oil job that can lead to a quick promotion and better paying wages in the future.
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