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If you’re experienced in oilfield work and are seeking employment on a land based oil rig check out the career center section of Rig Hands. Unlike some industries that can operate out of an office almost anywhere, oilfield workers have to go where the oil is flowing and right now that includes places such as central Asia, Nigeria and Alberta Canada. When oil is discovered oil workers flock to the region seeking steady employment and decent wages. Many people who have made their careers in oil have travelled extensively to find jobs such as roughnecks, leasehands, rig managers and rig welders. Depending on your experience level oilfield jobs are abundant in specific areas. When new oil patches and oil fields are discovered many positions will need to be filled and this can include many entry-level oil jobs. Consultants and managers are always needed but if the field is relatively new an oil company will need plenty of laborers to get a land based rig up and running. In the oil industry, working your way up the hierarchy of rig positions is how most people advance their careers. Managing an oil rig isn’t something you just walk into. Oil companies like to train their managers starting with entry level oilfield jobs including roughnecks, roustabouts and floor hands. Starting out with an entry-level oilfield job gives you the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about a land based oil rig. Oil rigs need experienced managers who are familiar with all the operations of the rig so they can effectively delegate specific jobs to those best qualified. By starting out as a roughneck or leasehand you gain valuable experience in all aspects of running an oil rig including the equipment used, how to repair specific machinery, loading and unloading supplies and other tasks that are essential to the operation of an oil rig. If you are just starting out in the energy business getting an entry-level job on a rig is the best place to begin. Though the positions are physically demanding, include long hours and harsh weather conditions, someone who is good with tools, has a high school education and doesn’t mind being away from home for months at a time can make a decent living as an oilfield worker.
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