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If you have ambition to work in the oil and gas industry there are several ways to go about getting started on a rewarding oil career. Even with scientists warning about a coming shortage of natural resources, oil and gas exploration continue to find new reserves in Africa, Alberta Canada, South America and Asia. If you enjoy adventure, don’t mind long hours and can handle being away from home for long stretches at a time, oil careers may be the way to earn your living. The oil and gas industry spans a wide variety of careers and positions. From managing land based oil rigs and drilling for oil to consultant positions and technical analysis the oil business has many varied jobs that require everyone from recent high school graduates to people with Master’s degrees in science, mechanical engineering and marine biology. The energy industry is always in need of bright, hard-working and dependable people who can step in and quickly grasp the needs of an oil company. As with most industries a good way to getting started in the oil and gas business is with an entry level oil job. Of course, some people will study for four years at a university and perhaps even longer to get a doctorate or Masters in a specific field knowing they can use that education to start work in more technically advanced aspects of the energy industry. However, oil careers often start with ground floor jobs including roughneck, roustabout and leasehand jobs that give beginners a well-rounded experience of running, managing and maintaining a land based oil rig. If you have a high school diploma and experience working in mechanics, construction or with heavy equipment you can apply for a number of entry level oil jobs that will get your started on an oil career that can one day lead to more high paying positions as a rig manager, consultant or project engineer. While higher education is always helpful so is hands-on experience working multiple positions on oil rigs and though grueling, tough and dirty roughneck, floorhand and roustabout oil jobs are great ways to learn the ins and outs of operating an oil rig. The sooner you get started the better and once you have a job working on an oil rig the opportunities for advancement often come quickly.
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