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Drillers on a land based oil rig are primarily responsible for getting the work on the rig done safely, efficiently and within the regulations set down by government and environmental policies. Oil field drillers are also in charge of the deck crews and act as supervisors while drilling work is being done. Oil drillers work directly under the rig manager and can often share responsibilities of the toolpusher but will usually have many more tasks to manage. A major player in the operation of an oil field rig, driller jobs are in high demand and can be found wherever oil is being explored including Alberta Canada. As head of the drilling crew, oil field drillers need to carefully balance their skills as a technician and manager. Because the oil driller is in charge of the deck crew the position requires excellent verbal communication skills as well as a knack for problem solving since this person will be responsible for ensuring the drilling crew works effectively and efficiently. In addition to overseeing the personnel on the rig, a driller also has to interpret the signals a well gives regarding gas and fluid with high pressure. If an emergency situation occurs it is the oil field driller who needs to take the correct counter measures to prevent an uncontrolled well problem. Most of the time, an oil driller will be monitoring the rig's activity while an automatic driller runs the breaks and drills the hole. However, the oil driller is usually responsible for many important tasks including but not limited to: operating the drilling and hoisting equipment on the rig deck, managing the rig floor and driller's console, ensuring all rig personnel are aware of the required safety measures on a rig and to make adjustments to the drilling operation based on the readings, measurements and feedback from the driller's console. Since oil rig drillers are high up on the rig pecking order wages are very competitive. Depending on experience and the company hiring, a typical oil driller can expect a starting wage of $85,000 USD. Drillers may also get production bonuses should the rig perform well and when factored in the annual wage for an oil field driller can exceed $100,000 USD.
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