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When you decide to make the oil industry your career you’ll have to be prepared to go where the work is. Unless you plan on working in an executive position or as a consultant chances are you will be one of the many workers who are employed on land based oil rigs and at oil drilling sites. In this case the only option is to move where the oil is flowing. Sometimes remote with harsh weather conditions, oil sites require a certain kind of person to handle the rigors of the job. From the Middle East and central Africa to the barren parts of Siberia and the open lands of Texas, oil provides steady work for those who can deal with the less than ideal locations. One area that is consistent in providing steady oilfield jobs is Alberta, Canada. Oil-rich Alberta has recently been referred to as having “blockbuster job growth” (Market Watch, October 2011) with over 98,000 new jobs being created in the past year while unemployment in the city has dipped to only 5.4%. Considering the toll the current global recession is taking on many industries these employment figures are staggering and make Alberta a gold mine for workers in the oil industry. From entry level swampers and roughnecks to rig managers and Derrickman oil positions the demand is high for skilled oil workers and now is the best time to seek work in Canada. The rise in oil jobs in Alberta was six times what many analysts predicted and therefore many positions are still available for people with experience working as oilfield drivers, land based oil rig managers and roughnecks. The oil sands region near Edmonton has seen explosive growth in the past few years and many energy companies are scrambling to stake out claims on what could prove to be very profitable drill sites. If you are seeking work in the oil industry, even if it’s entry-level employment, Alberta should be on your short list of places to relocate. Some of the oil jobs that are in demand in Alberta, Canada include roughnecks, roustabouts, toolpushers, rig managers, oilfield truck drivers, leasehands, oil rig welders and Derrickman oil positions. With competitive annual wages, solid benefit and bonus packages and the opportunity to rack up some serious overtime there is no better time than now to seek a steady oilfield job in Alberta, Canada.
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