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One position that is always in demand in the oil industry is truck drivers. Transporting non-hazardous materials including sand, cement, equipment and pipes is part of every-day work at a land based oil rig and oil companies are always looking out for qualified truck drivers to handle the work load. Though the hours can be long and the locations far from home, if you are the type who can handle the rigors of a truck driving job than a position as an oilfield truck driver might be a good career move. With energy in high demand across the world, oil and gas companies are booming. Even with many economies in recession emerging markets have taken up the slack and kept the demand for oil high. Because of this the need for qualified and licenses truck drivers to transport a wide variety of material at a rig or drill site is growing. Usually requiring a Class A CDL license and tanker endorsement on CDL, an oilfield truck driver can expect a competitive annual wage that in some cases can range between $40,000 – $50,000 USD. Ideal for single men and women who don’t mind working remote locations and hauling heavy loads, oilfield truck driving positions offer good job security and plenty of opportunity to work overtime. In addition to material handling drivers oilfields also need oil tanker drivers to transport oil and gas from the rig to refineries and distributors. In addition to a Class A CDL license with tanker endorsement, drivers who handle tankers will often have Hazmat experience as well since the cargo they are transporting is highly combustible. In general, oil tanker drivers make more in annual wages that oilfield drivers who simply transport materials and equipment, but the job is more demanding and definitely involves more pressure. Other driving jobs one can find in the oil industry include gravel truck drivers, string truck drivers, supply truck drivers, vacuum truck drivers, explosives delivery drivers, fuel truck drivers and swampers. Many oil companies hiring truck drivers offer competitive benefit and bonus packages since this position is essential to the smooth operation of an oilfield rig or drilling site.
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