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When you work on a land based oil rig you know how important it is to have reliable equipment. The success of your drilling operation requires a dedicated team of rig hands and oilfield equipment that can get the job done. Being able to locate drilling equipment, spare parts and tools in a hurry and have it delivered to your site fast is essential to keeping your operation running smooth. At Rig Hands we feature an oilfield equipment marketplace that showcases available equipment including trucks, cranes and pumps that can assist your drilling needs. We also have an advanced GPS search that lets you find the nearest surplus equipment supplier in relation to your well’s location so you can buy or rent important equipment including drill bits, compressors and tanks. Many land based drill sites are located in remote areas. Alberta, Canada is one region where oil is booming but because of its distance can be a hard place to find equipment and tools. At Rig Hands we understand this dilemma which is why we created a GPS system that will show all nearby equipment suppliers based on the location of your well. By using this system you can save your company time and money by quickly finding the equipment you need, from trucks and cranes to pumps and compressors, and showing you the nearest supplier so you can cut down on wait time. If a piece of oilfield equipment is essential to the operation of a rig you don’t have the luxury of waiting a few days for a part to be flown in; you need it right away. Now you can find the parts and tools you need and get it delivered fast. No matter how rare or small the equipment is your drill site needs you can trust our GPS navigation system will help you find the nearest provider. We’ll help you locate many important oilfield equipment suppliers who can supply your drill rig with centrifugal pumps, truck trailers, rig elevators, safety valves, winches, storage and water tanks and a variety of construction equipment.
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