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As oil continues to fuel Alberta's rising economic growth the opportunities available in the oilfield industry abound. From entry level oil jobs such as roughnecks and leasehands to higher paying careers as consultants and engineers the time is right to seek out employment on a land based oil rig in Alberta. Working in the oil industry can be a nomadic experience since you have to go where the oil is flowing and currently Alberta is a hot spot for drilling. If you have experience working oilfields or are looking to start a career in the oil and gas industry check out the openings at Rig Hands. The great thing about working in oilfields is the variety of positions available. From actual work on the oil rig itself to construction work around the site, drivers to transport oil and supplies and geologists and engineers to survey the land and look for new wells there are plenty of positions available for those with the right skills and temperament. Alberta has a rustic beauty but winters are harsh and working a land based oil rig in January will test the mettle of event the hardest rig hands. Still, work is work and right now several regions in Canada are booming so take advantage of the opportunities and make your plans for a trip to Alberta. The career center at Rig Hands is a great place to start your search for an oilfield job in Alberta. You can browse a full list of job openings in the region that include entry level roughneck positions and rig manager jobs. You can even create your own account on the site and sign up for newsletters that will automatically send you new job openings as they are posted depending on your qualifications. This is a great tool for a seasoned Derrickhand, toolpusher, leasehand or driller since you can choose which jobs to be notified about and don't have to waste time sifting through positions that don't match your skills.
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