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As the global recession continues to take a toll on many industries one that is still thriving is energy. Even with falling stock markets and debt defaults there are still many emerging markets including India, China and Brazil and one thing every business needs is energy, particularly oil. If you’re looking for steady, rewarding and well-paying work consider getting started in the oil industry. Oilfield jobs, including roughnecks, Derrickman, managers and consultants are always in demand and if you have the qualifications oil companies are looking for you may be a solid candidate to land a solid job in oil. From Dubai and Nigeria to Texas and Alberta, Canada, oil is still the lifeblood of modern industry. Even with scientists seeking out alternative energy for the future there is no getting around the fact that oil and gas are what advance prosperity. Because of this need employment in the oil industry is a fairly safe bet. Of course, not just anyone can get an oil job and unless you have the right skills, such as an engineering degree from a university or experience in construction and mechanics, it can be hard getting your foot in the door. If you have plans to work in the executive side of the oil business than your best bet is to obtain an MBA or Bachelors of Science in engineering or mechanical engineering. However, most men and women who work in oilfields tend to get their training on the job by starting in a number of entry-level oil jobs including roughneck, roustabout and leasehand positions. There is a pecking order to working on a land based oil rig and before you can start making the good money as a rig manager you need to prove yourself capable. By starting out at the bottom you get a real education on the complete workings of an oil rig. From repairing equipment and installing machinery to assisting welders and drillers entry-level oilfield jobs give workers a thorough overview of how an oil rig operates so they can better understand the process as a whole. If you aspire to one day be an oil rig manager you will be expected to know a little about every job on the rig so starting on the bottom and working your way up is really the only way to do it.
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