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If you have a passion for safety and are interested in a rewarding career in the oil industry you may want to consider oilfield safety jobs. Oil rigs and oilfields are always in need of qualified candidates who can manage oil rig teams and oversee the implementation and execution of safety standards when it comes to working with heavy equipment, hazardous materials and confined spaces. Some oilfield safety positions will require training employees on basic safety skills and creating a safety culture that everyone on the rig will be responsible for following. Safety jobs with an oil company may also involve working with government agencies and environmental groups to ensure all applicable laws and regulations are being followed. One position that is often advertised on oil job boards is for a safety specialist. While all workers on an oil rig will be required to have basic training for first aid, CPR and fire safety, a safety specialist will be responsible for executing environmental and safety programs that are practical and cost-effective and ensure a safe work environment and culture. This person needs to have excellent communication skills, have up to date certification in training, strong presentation skills and a comprehensive understanding of government environmental regulations and health laws. Safety specialists are not only responsible for the safety of the workers on the oil rig but also for the company itself and its involvement with the community since an oil spill will effect more than just those workers on the rig. Though there will be executive level personnel that get involved when an emergency occurs a safety specialist will be an important figure in making sure the safety procedures are followed. In addition to oil rig safety jobs there are also plenty of opportunities in the field of environmental safety that deals more with how the oilfield operation is affecting the environment. These positions are more science oriented and often require applicants to have advanced degrees in environmental science, engineering and chemistry. Understanding how the oilfield operation works and the impact is has on the surrounding environment is crucial for staying current with government rules and regulations regarding oil drilling and transportation. If an oil company is found to be in violation of specific laws the fines can be heavy and severe so it is in the best interest of an oil company to have full-time environmental safety employees on hand to ensure the facility is operating within the stated guidelines.
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