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Even the largest oil companies need help when exploring for and producing oil. There are many tasks involved with oil drilling and no one company has all the resources necessary to drill, extract, refine and transport oil. Even major oil companies including Chevron and Exxon will have to call on oilfield service providers for equipment such as rigs, tankers and pipelines. Oilfield services can range from leasing and renting out trucks for transporting heavy equipment to tool repair companies and construction firms that assist with repairs and infrastructure projects such as road building. At Rig Hands we offer a comprehensive list of oilfield service companies that can help your drill site achieve its goals. Getting oil from the ground to the consumer is a complex process that involves many specialized workers and equipment. Not even huge international oil companies have all the resources it takes to complete the oil production process and many of these larger conglomerates rely on oilfield service companies for the drilling equipment, tankers and pipelines. Finding these companies, especially ones that are near you well location, isn’t always easy which is why Rig Hands provides a detailed listing of oilfield service companies to assist rig managers in finding the best option when seeking out oilfield equipment, parts and machinery. Transportation is a big part of oil production and having enough tanks and trucks to store and carry the crude oil from the well site to oil refineries is crucial to the oilfield supply chain. As a rig manager or rig consultant you will need to find the most cost effective and reliable oilfield transport options to handle the large quantities of oil being pumped as a result of your drilling. There are many companies that offer oilfield transportation services but you will need to find one that can handle your specific capacity needs and be near enough to your well to get transport done in a timely manner. Using the Rig Hands oilfield services company directory will put you in touch with all the oilfield equipment suppliers and service providers you need to make your land based drilling successful.
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