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Land based oil rigs are busy places. With a full workforce, constant transportation bringing supplies in and taking oil out and a wide variety of teams, equipment and clients to report to, it takes a special person to make it as a rig consultant. Most drilling consultants and rig managers will have at least 5-7 years experience in the oil field industry and a bachelor’s degree in engineering or sciences. Rig consultant wages are very competitive and companies hiring drilling consultants can be found all over the world including Nigeria, Canada and the United States. Rig consultants generally act as supervisors of an oil rig,and act as a representative of the oil company. From overseeing work progress and monitoring and maintaining work equipment to visual inspection and quality control checks, the drilling rig consultant is responsible for the daily operation of a land based oil rig. Rig consultants need to be excellent at multi-tasking and know how to take charge and lead a team to be successful at their jobs. Most drilling consultant jobs will require a valid Second Line Well Control certificate and be well-versed in CAODC codes and OH&S standards. Depending on the rig you work on and the company you work for a rig consultant will be responsible for but not limited to: anticipating future problems with the drilling operation, ensure through appointed positions that materials and equipment are timely and effectively mobilized and demobilized, quality control checks prior to all casing and cementing jobs, supervise the investigation and documentation of all accidents and equipment failures while holding safety as the most important priority of each drilling rig task. In addition to supervising the oil rig, drilling rig consultants are also expected to maintain communication with external service companies and vendors, contractor personnel and network with peers and professional associations in the oil rig industry. If you’re looking for work as an drilling rig consultant, several areas have multiple openings all over western Canada. Wages for a rig consultant,or more commonly known as a Wellsite Supervisor, can vary depending on your experience level and the company hiring but the average wage for a drilling rig consultant is around $1,200-$1,600 per day. You can find job openings for Wellsite Supervisors under production and exploration and many oil industry related career centers.
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