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In the oil industry the person responsible for supervising the drill team,the actual drilling ,and equipment is known as the rig manager. Often the rig manager will work his way up through all positions so he has a thorough grasp of all the intricacies of operating an drilling rig. Being an effective rig manager in the oil industry requires attention to detail, mechanical system understanding and the ability to resolve conflicts among personnel and issues with equipment. Also known in the oil industry as a toolpusher, oil rig managers have the lion’s share of responsibility on a land based oil rig. Duties expected of an oil rig manager include but are not limited to: managing the set up and take down of rigs, adherence to all safety practices, coordination and scheduling of all rig crews, managing the day-to-day drilling activities, knowing and adhering to any and all environmental and government laws and policies, conducting prep work prior to the set up of an oil rig and handling all personnel issues. People who succeed as rig managers have excellent organizational skills, possess leadership qualities and can effectively delegate responsibility. Overseeing the rigs drilling operation, equipment and crews is never easy and in order to manage a land based rig a rig manager needs to have strong communication skills to coordinate all the logistics so the rig operates smoothly. Because of the nature of a rig manager’s job, qualified applicants for open positions may need to have a number of certifications including but not limited to: first aid, WHIMIS, hydrogen sulfide safety training (h2s), fall protection, oil field boiler and high angle rescue. Rig managers are often the go-to guy on any land based oil rig and need to be versatile and flexible in their approach to this demanding oil industry position. With the responsibility comes a very competitive wage. Though annual wages vary depending on your experience level, the company hiring and whether or not you worked your way up from roughneck or are starting at a new petroleum company, rig managers can expect anywhere between $1,100-$1,300 per day. Experienced rig managers are always in demand which makes job searching easier than other industries but you may have to travel to find suitable work and wages. Great places for rig manager work includes Texas to Alaska and of course Alberta, Canada.
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