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On a land based oil drilling rig a toolpusher is often the rig manager and is responsible for all the operations and personnel on the rig platform. A location supervisor for a drilling contractor, toolpushers are often a senior, experienced oil rig worker who has risen up through the ranks of drilling crew positions from roughneck to Derrickman and has an excellent understanding of all the rig jobs. An administrative job for the most part, toolpushers make sure a drill rig has all the right materials, spare parts and skilled personnel to operate a land based rig. An oil rig toolpusher is essentially the manager of a rig platform. From equipment and tools to personnel and operation he is in charge of the day-to-day activities on a rig and is often seen as a trusted advisor to all drilling rig staff. A skilled toolpusher will not only have thorough knowledge of all the mechanical systems on a rig but will also posses the communication and management skills that allow him to work closely with a contracting representative to update him on the actual drilling of the well including progress, delays and well output. Though a toolpusher is well-versed in the general labor tasks of all crew members, as rig manager he is mostly in an administrative role and will focus mostly on paperwork relating to payroll, employee benefits and related human resources issues. In addition to managing the staff a toolpusher on a land based oil rig will also be responsible for dealing closely with third party vendors including suppliers and government environment inspectors. As the rig platform supervisor the toolpusher is ultimately responsible for the rig performance and operation including safety standards and well output. A successful toolpusher will have solid project management skills and be able to delegate authority and responsibility to his drill crew to alleviate most of the general labor and drilling tasks. Most toolpushers will work their way up from entry level positions. Often beginning as a roughneck, moving on to Derrickman and then driller, a toolpusher will have work experience in almost every aspect of the oil rig operation. Once an oil worker achieves the rank of toolpusher he can expect an annual wage in the range of $82,000 to $90,000 USD. Because of the recent exploration and discovery of oil in Alberta Canada, toolpsuhers are in high demand in this part of Canada and those with at least 2-5 years experience can find high paying oil rig toolpusher jobs quickly.
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