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When you're on a land based oil rig and need specific equipment in a hurry use the GPS tool at Rig Hands to find the equipment you need. The days of phonebooks and business cards are long gone. When problems occur on an oil rig you need fast solutions and that involves finding the right equipment nearby so you can get back to drilling. With its unique GPS system Rig Hands makes it easy to locate the oilfield equipment you require so you can make a quick purchase, have the equipment delivered and continue on with the job. Oilfield sites use a lot of equipment. Mud tanks, rig matting, rotary tables, jobsite buildings and mud pumps are just some of the pieces that will be crucial to maintaining a functioning oilfield patch and if something should go wrong with your equipment you need solutions in a hurry. Now, with the helpful GPS system at Rig Hands you can find the nearest supplier of the equipment you need so you don't have to waste time in finding a replacement part. Simply enter in your location, type in the exact piece or part you're looking for and shop the nearest supplier. In addition to oil rig drilling equipment the Rig Hands GPS search can also be used to find rig shacks, dog houses and jobsite buildings that are necessary for crews to live in while on site. You can also use the GPS system to find equipment suppliers, construction teams, trucks and other oilfield equipment. If you have equipment to sell post it to our category search and help fellow rig hands in need. Rig Hands was founded by rig hands for rig hands so they know what an oilfield needs when it comes to equipment and supplies. So when a rig manager puts you in charge of finding used oilfield equipment use the Rig Hands GPS search to get the job done fast.
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