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Resides in: GREAT YARMOUTH, United Kingdom
Languages: English, French
Date of Birth: N/A
Added Date: March 14, 2014
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Education Level: High School Graduate
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Willing to Travel: Yes
Willing to Relocate: No
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Entry Level Laborer 14 years
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Benjamin Futter
4 Waterworks Road
Great Yarmouth
NR29 3LR
07900 497718
01493 731990

To whom it may concern,
My name is Benjamin Futter; for the past thirteen years I have been a solid fuel merchant based in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (UK).
I am seeking employment in the oil/gas/energy industry as a roustabout/floorhand. Looking for an opportunity to prove my abilities and willingness to work, wherever and whatever the environment. I am willing to work in any aspect of the industry, but would prefer to work on the more manual side of the job where I think my skills would be best suited. I come from a very labour orientated, mechanical/engineering background with the ability to find faults and solve problem tasks quickly and, more importantly, safely.

I am very dedicated and professional at everything I do, always doing my best and giving my all, even when the task at hand is not easy or favourable. I do have experience working in an onshore capacity on the type of jobs/work that is carried out on a rig/platform. I enjoy the challenge of gaining new skills and am a quick learner. I am honest and trustworthy with a high level of integrity and work well within a team as well as being able to take the lead when needed. I am good at time keeping and am able to think on my feet to solve problems under pressure, always keeping my composure. I have never carried out any job that has been found to be substandard, nor have I ever had any disciplinary measures brought against me. I am confident that any employer who is willing to hire me will not be disappointed!

I am willing to obtain extra training/certificates to improve my chances of employment. I rise to a challenge, hard work and responsibility.

I have an active lifestyle and enjoy every type of sport, but my preference would be any marine/water sports. I am very experienced at kitesurfing. I bought my first kite 13 years ago and fell in love with the sport and the ethics it promotes, a clean healthy lifestyle for the body and mind. I am also very interested in scuba diving, with the hope that one day I can advance my open water certificate.

Please find my CV attached. Thank you for your time and consideration.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Benjamin Futter
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