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Resides in: Arkansas City, Kansas, United States
Languages: English
Date of Birth: N/A
Added Date: May 17, 2014
Education & Experience
Education Level: Bachelors Degree
Industry Experience: 4 years
Travel & Relocation
Willing to Travel: Yes
Willing to Relocate: Yes Domestic
Areas of Expertise
Industry Sector Expertise Experience
Engineer - General Geoscientist 2 years
Resume / CV
Career Summary / Objective:
To date I have inspected 1,527 parts and have approved 721 pallets for shipping. I have worked on 23 different wells in oil 8 of which were as an MWD and have simulated 33 well start ups and end/TD. I read my MWD tool failure reports twice a day in a 6 month period for a total of 364 reads. My best connection time as a roughneck was every 2.5 minutes over a 12 hr period. I have modeled 4,322 mechanical systems in physics and mathematics from planetary motion and weather to electrons and neutrinos. I reached the 10, 000 hr mark in physics on Apr 11 2009 and have logged many more hours tutoring when and where I can.
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