Looking For A MWD Job

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Resides in: WestMonroe, Louisiana, United States
Languages: English
Date of Birth: N/A
Added Date: June 26, 2014
Education & Experience
Education Level: Associates Degree
Industry Experience: 4 years
Travel & Relocation
Willing to Travel: Yes
Willing to Relocate: Yes Domestic
Areas of Expertise
Industry Sector Expertise Experience
Engineer - General Other 2 years
Resume / CV
Career Summary / Objective:
mechanical engineering course work towards - bachelors degree 1 yr left school to work for the company I am currently with now
associates degree applied science technology major drafting and design 2yr
certified welder ABC inc school of trades

My objective for applying for this job is to learn and grow in the oil and gas industry.i am a fast learner and dedicated worker with leader ship skills.
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