Hardest Work I Ever Did =Rodbuster, Coming Up In A 4x4 FJ Cruiser For WINTERTIME

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Added Date: August 06, 2014
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+++++++ 8/6/2014 ++++++

Hiring Manager,

1. I can pass a hair test and have no felony convictions.
2. I am 6'1 and 215 and have the will to work to move up the ladder.
3. I am I'm in good physical shape.
4. I've spent appx $2000 in cold gear
5. Wanting to fill position this WINTER

I am applying for a leasehand laborer position in North Dakota/ Montana starting winter thru spring ( will consider other states/places including Canada offering competitive payscales/benefits/ relocation fees). I have bought appx $ 2000 in Cold Gear and have been planning this trip for about two years. I've bought under armor , -40 and -20 degree boots Sorels with solar liners and Yax Tracks, wool everything some merino wool, snow board and snow ski jacket, balaclava with breathing respiration resivoir (cold avenger), ski gloves (goretex) and ski goggles, even skin moisturizers and oils. I feel like the man for the job.
6 month contract for 65,000 as a leasehand laborer for the winter and spring with an option to renew after 6 months.
I Would like to start the job during the winter ASAP.

Mark Brown
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