Entry Level Geologist, Recent Military Vet.

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Resides in: Signal Mountain, Tennessee, United States
Languages: English
Date of Birth: N/A
Added Date: September 22, 2014
Education & Experience
Education Level: Bachelors Degree
Travel & Relocation
Willing to Travel: Yes
Willing to Relocate: Yes Domestic
Areas of Expertise
Industry Sector Expertise Experience
Geosciences Geologist 3 years
Resume / CV
Career Summary / Objective:
2009 Geology graduate with more than three years of experience. Shortly after earning degree, enlisted in the Army and used expertise in Geology to provide insight and support to construction missions throughout the Pacific Theater. Earned Decorations and Honorable Discharge (December 2013).
My goal is to begin my civilian career in geology. Interested in and qualified for positions such as…
Logging Geologist in an oil firm
Geologist with an engineering company
Other appropriate junior or entry level positions in Geology
Areas of experience include CAD, drafting, environmental, geology management, quality control and assurance, scientific research, structural design, testing and failure analysis, test equipment training.
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