Ross Zapalac-hard Worker, Leader, Team-player- Texas A&M Geology Student

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Resides in: Houston, Texas, United States
Languages: English, Spanish
Date of Birth: N/A
Added Date: October 09, 2014
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Education Level: Bachelors Degree
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Willing to Relocate: Yes Domestic
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I have spent the past four years of my life as a Geology student at Texas A&M University. During these college years, I have learned a lot about the Earth and applied Geology, as well as a lot about time management and life. I have always been a hard worker, so I can't say I learned that here. But, I did learn how to be a leader amongst many men and women. My resume explains more about my activities while in school. Now that my graduation is in my foresight, I am looking towards the next step of my career. I want to spend some time doing LWD/MWD to learn as much as I can about it, as well as prepare myself for a future career. I am a quick learner and I thrive in new environments. I currently am reading multiple books on MWD/LWD, mudlogging, fracking, and directional drilling. Now, I just need a professional company as a substrate to apply my acquired knowledge and skills and prove myself to be a hard worker and a leader.
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